Design requirements to be incorporated in a Dog Powerhouse

Design of a Dog Powerhouse

The question being raised of towards the fate of stray dogs is in terms of their life and death. A case of dog bite, infant being mauled by a gang of dogs rises every few weeks from some corner of the country. The municipalities and authorities are in a debate about deciding on the fate of these stray dogs. The municipalities have concluded that the only solution to eliminate the problems of stray dogs is to kill them all. The government and animal rights authorities are of the opinion that a proper vaccination program should work. The agreement continues and so does the dog menace.

The Dog Powerhouse aims towards rehabilitation of their great population of dogs. At the same time, a new alternative source of energy is created from the power of these dogs.

Earlier we discussed “What a Dog Powerhouse is and the Need for such a Venture“.

We will also be discussing;

  1. Scope and Method of the Design of Dog Powerhouse
  2. Guide to Designing a Dog Powerhouse

Design Requirements in a Dog Powerhouse

The space will be designed giving 40% consideration for dogs and the remaining 60% for humans (care takers) and machinery (treadmills, dynamos).

The Powerhouse will house the following requirements:

  1. Working areas for dogs (where power generating treadmills will be run)
  2. Power Station
  3. Breeding Area
  4. Adaptation Centre – Stray dogs from the neighbouring districts will be taken in.
  5. Veterinary Hospital
  6. Play area for dogs
  7. Kennels
  8. Dumping area
  9. Area for recycling of waste (Bio mass)

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