Design of a Dog Powerhouse | Revolutionary Method for Energy Generation

Dog Powerhouse

Sounds really strange to the ears, doesn’t it? At the beginning, it doesn’t really make much sense. But this could prove to be an ideal way to increase the production of energy without the utilization of limited energy resources.

Dog Powerhouse could play an important in sustaining the environment. It could be counted under Sustainable Development.

“Sustaining the Sustainable.”

Design of a Dog Powerhouse
Design of a Dog Powerhouse

Design of a Dog Powerhouse can be split into four major parts for better understanding:

  1. Introduction to the Design of Dog Powerhouse
  2. Design requirements to be incorporated in a Dog Powerhouse
  3. Scope and Method of the Design of Dog Powerhouse
  4. Guide to Designing a Dog Powerhouse

In this article, we will try and understand the concept of Dog Powerhouse and Need for such a Venture.

What is a Dog Powerhouse?

The Dog Powerhouse is a space where in stray dogs about three hundred in numbers are housed. The dogs are trained to run on treadmills or training wheels. The training wheel has dynamos. Gears and inverters attached to it.

Hence a power station is to be formulated where dogs are trained, housed and are used for generating power. This, to rehabilitate the pariah dog or the stray dogs which escaped domestication centuries ago.

The dog Powerhouse is aimed at creating an environment for the feral/out casted pariah dog. Wherein immense population of feral species is reinstated to a new form of habilitation. Precisely, towards an evolution from a new beginning.

The powerhouse, prior to being a power station is a shelter cum work place for the rejected stray dog.

Simple accommodation methods, basic mechanical wheels, free loitering grounds, flexible feeding methods, hygiene and health care would be the minimal changes which stray dogs would readily mould to.

Need for such a Venture

This idea is very much suitable for Asian Countries like India. Stray Indian dogs are very miserable and create chaos in the surroundings. Their huge population is a source of not only nuisance but causes many diseases also. The official attitude of the government and people towards them is one of hostility. The only option to deal with rehabilitation, restore.

Put them to sleep

Sterile them

Dump them off the city limits

Create few dog pound

All of these above measures are basically negative in approach and are burden on the citizens as well as the exchequer. For this reason, a practical and useful solution for this problem has to be evolved. If only we could harness the energy of the dogs like the Eskimos do, like any beast for carrying our burden, we would be providing the age old problem of stray dogs and also produce some energy in the bargain.

Dog Wheel Prototype has to be developed which will be attached to the power generating units that would yield the amount of energy required for the generation of electricity. Care has to be taken for the maintenance of Dog Powerhouse which would include food, shelter, medical and other facilities and services.

The effort is aimed towards creating alternate source of energy keeping in view the environment and future energy needs.

In all of this, it is hoped that the problem of stray dogs is eliminated and some power is produced with the help of the energy generated by the dogs.

In my next article, I will discuss “Various Design requirements” that are to be necessarily incorporated in the Design of a Dog Powerhouse.

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