Guide to Dog Powerhouse Design

Design of Dog Powerhouse Design

The fore more task is to create a work environment for dogs. How is this to be promulgated? The place definitely has to have a lot of sun and air that means it has enough light and ventilation. Dogs stacked into A/c gym makes the entire venture very expensive and unnecessary.

The power produced is to be stored in compact batteries, hence does not pose a huge problem.

Housing and resting areas are but a congregation of government standards kennels and animal rights, regularized norms and standards.

Veterinary hospitals are an important necessity to be considered while the design of the Project. The veterinary hospital should in close proximity to the Dog Powerhouse so that the consultation from the animal doctor becomes handy. For the animals around the powerhouse, apart from the inhabitants of the power house itself; facilitation for quick check up and admission for chronic or prolonged problem has to be provided.

Design of Dog Powerhouse is split into four parts for convenience:

  1. Introduction to the Design of Dog Powerhouse
  2. Design requirements to be incorporated in a Dog Powerhouse
  3. Scope and Method of the Design of Dog Powerhouse
  4. Guide to Designing a Dog Powerhouse

Growth and Sustainability

The room for growth is when the power produced is of formidable quantity. The government comes up with different solutions for the elimination of stray dogs but with this project we will be making good use of their power and generate energy for our households. This will also solve the problem of nuisance created by stray dogs.

This will be an important step towards the production of energy using an alternative resource. If the government stands up to provide funds for the mobility of the entire idea, a growth in second can be assured.

When an architecture designs any building or structure, the planning has to be done keeping in mind the scenario of the next 50 years. That is what sustainable Architecture means.

Economical Structure has to be preferred for the purpose of the construction of Dog Powerhouse.

What has to be done for the successful running of a Dog Powerhouse?

One has to train the stray dogs for the work that they have to perform

One has to arrange for enough money for the construction of the prototype

Dynamos are as light as feather with good bearings are to be installed



Battery can be changed and power can be stored

Necessity of transformer for changing the current from DC to AC

Need for the DISCUSSION

There is a strong need for the discussion for the construction and maintenance of Dog Powerhouse with the professional doctors from the veterinary field and take their opinion and advice.

Power calculations are to be done so that the capacity of transformers and batteries can be determined. For this reason, power calculations and the mechanical aspect of design has to be discussed with electrical engineer and the mechanical engineer respectively.

There are some special veterinary hospitals in India that take interest in the welfare of the animals which in turn is good for the welfare of the society. The Blue Cross Kennels is engaged in a project discussion of the Dog Powerhouse and its success.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers from Pune Polytechnic College and Shadab Engineering College in Hyderabad discussed the prospectus of the project.

Conclusion of the Design of Dog Powerhouse

It is expected that this proposal will atleast rehabilitate the street dogs and produce some energy in the bargain with some reasonable profits.

Government must give subsidies for the Project of the Dog Powerhouse in order to encourage private investments.

The Government has the option to operate such a facility with their stray dog program.

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