Establishing Direct Contacts with Clients and Setting up Office

Ways to obtain work in Architecture | Professional Practice

In my previous article, I discussed the method of obtaining work “Waiting Period in Architecture”. Now we will move on with the discussion on “How to establish Direct Contacts with Clients and Setting up of your Office”.

Here is the list of different ways in which the work can be obtained:

  1. From Friends and relatives
  2. By your work
  3. By specialization
  4. By Luck
  5. By Winning architectural competition
  6. Through Chartered accountants and advocates
  7. Before setting up your practice
  8. Waiting period
  9. Setting up your office
  10. Telephone
  11. Computer Networking
  12. Regular attendance

Try to establish direct contacts with the client

At the beginning of your practice and even many a times later, you will come across some one who will assure you to suggest you name to a prospective client. Be careful with such middlemen. He may suggest you to hand over to him the sketches and that he may in turn show the sketches to the client. An established furniture maker in the town may ask you for furniture drawings, promising a client. Do not agree to this suggestion. As far as possible, you shall meet the client personally and discuss with him the requirements and the drawings. Many a times sketches handed over to middlemen are misused.

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