Fences, Drainage and Lighting | Elements of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is an art of shaping and beautifying the surroundings of a building… Beautifying the surroundings of the building enhanced the aesthetics of the building too. Importance of Landscape Architecture is more pronounced in the the European Architecture…

Landscaped Garden in Chandigarh
Landscaped Garden in Chandigarh

A beautifully designed building should also have a beautiful, pleasant and lively surroundings.

Use of various Landscape elements in a proper and systematic way helps develop beautiful and amazing surroundings…

Initially, Landscaping only consisted of huge lawns with a few tall and broad trees. After the development of Modern Gardens, the concept of Landscaping was adopted at residential and commercial levels also.

Modern Gardens such as Persian Gardens, Italian Gardens, French Gardens, Japanese Gardens and the Legendary Master of all “English Gardens” brought new changes in the concept of Landscaping…

In this article, we are going to discuss various Landscape Elements and figure out their importance…

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Importance of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

When an architect or a town planner plans, he is in actuality, intervening with ‘living system’. The intervention can be disastrous if insufficient thought is given to the effects of development, especially its long-term consequences on the environment. The blend between man and nature will not be harmonius, but there will be imbalance or contradiction instead. In the long-run the total environment is bound to deteriorate. This is what ecology is all about- the inter-relationship between living and non-living things and their habitat.

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