Fences, Drainage and Lighting | Elements of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is an art of shaping and beautifying the surroundings of a building… Beautifying the surroundings of the building enhanced the aesthetics of the building too. Importance of Landscape Architecture is more pronounced in the the European Architecture…

Landscaped Garden in Chandigarh
Landscaped Garden in Chandigarh

A beautifully designed building should also have a beautiful, pleasant and lively surroundings.

Use of various Landscape elements in a proper and systematic way helps develop beautiful and amazing surroundings…

Initially, Landscaping only consisted of huge lawns with a few tall and broad trees. After the development of Modern Gardens, the concept of Landscaping was adopted at residential and commercial levels also.

Modern Gardens such as Persian Gardens, Italian Gardens, French Gardens, Japanese Gardens and the Legendary Master of all “English Gardens” brought new changes in the concept of Landscaping…

In this article, we are going to discuss various Landscape Elements and figure out their importance…

Here are some of the elements of Landscape Design:

Natural Elements

Artificial Elements

Use of Fences or walls in the Landscape Design

  • Fences or walls may be used to provide enclosures, articulate a space, or act as retaining elements. Brick, stone and concrete are the materials most commonly used. Wood or metal grills can also be used as fences to separate walkways from the planting areas and lawn spaces.
Fences or walls surrounding the Garden
Fences or walls surrounding the Garden
  • The height and type of wall varies with its use in overall design concept of the project.
  • They may be at seating height or upto 1.8m or more in height to provide privacy.
  • Retaining walls may also have to be provided depending on the site conditions.
  • Reinforced concrete is the most economical material for constructing such walls.

Use of patterned Drainage covers in Landscape Design

  • Drainage mainly involves the provision of a storm water drain. The water is collected and treated in a water softener we quickly purchased after reading a few of the Best Water Softener Reviews. A utilitarian element, drainage can be integrated in the pavement in such a way that it becomes pleasing to the eye.
Drainage Grates
Drainage Grates
  • Precast concrete grates can be used around trees so that they look aesthetically pleasing and also allow water to be absorbed by the trees.

Lighting Techniques in Landscape Design

  • Outdoor Lighting is used to illuminate pedestrian walkways, roads and entry areas. It may also provide a dramatic effect when it lights up benches and fountains.
  • The level of illumination varies with the extent of usage of the various external spaces.
  • High intensity light is required for highways and other heavily used areas.
  • Warm and coloured illumination is best suited for quiet areas along minor residential streets and parking areas.

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  1. My taste for backyard decorating tends to lean away from walls and fences, as I feel they ultimately give you a sense of being trapped and separated from your neighbors and environment (though I realize that is exactly why some people put up walls and fences) however the designs you show here are a nice combination of privacy and natural style. Not stifling or claustrophobic at all.

  2. I like your piece about making drainage appear pleasing to the eye. So often now those aspects of a construction project can be overlooked. You only have to visit somewhere like Rome or Paris to see drainge finishing parts can be a thing beauty too.

  3. My son is visually impaired and he loves water. For his birthday on a few weeks time we have installed a set of underwater lights in the fountain in our garden and the effect is dazzling. It is lovely to see how the movement of the water constantly changes the quality of the light. It will be a treat to see the look on his face when he sees it for the first time.

  4. I agree with John. I myself prefers my outdoor garden free of any fences or walls. However when my daughter started walking, I realized the importance of putting this up to keep her safe. With your article, I now see that fences and walls can add beauty to the landscape. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. I am always having a hard time on what to do with my garden, but with the help of the contents of your post, all of my problems have simply vanished. Nice idea about the drainage since it is one of the source of my headaches. thanks a lot for that wonderful idea!

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