Ways to obtain work | Waiting Period in Architecture

Ways to obtain work in Architecture | Professional Practice

In my previous article, I discussed the method of obtaining work “Things to do before setting up Practice”. Now we will move on with the discussion on the next aspect “Waiting Period before Architect gets a grip of his profession”.

Here is the list of different ways in which the work can be obtained:

  1. From Friends and relatives
  2. By your work
  3. By specialization
  4. By Luck
  5. By Winning architectural competition
  6. Through Chartered accountants and advocates
  7. Before setting up your practice
  8. Waiting period
  9. Setting up your office
  10. Telephone
  11. Computer Networking
  12. Regular attendance

Waiting period | Guide to Professional Practice

Let us compare – only for a restricted purpose two activities namely opening of a shop and a consultant’s office. A capital is required, to be invested for a premise in both the cases. But in a case of grocer’s shop perhaps further capital is required to get the goods in the shop for sale. As compared to that let us say lesser amount is required to furnish an architect’s office.

But the first day, the shopkeeper may start collecting cash amount on his cash counter through the retail sale. That is not the case with an architect. The occasion of receipt of fees is once in a way. Let us compare medical or legal profession with that of an architect’s. No sooner the patient is examined or treated or legal advice is given, fees are collected in cash. There is no daily collection in the architect’s office.

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