Dressing | Aspects of Personality Development

Dressing | Aspects of Personality Development

In my previous article, we discussed “What is Personality Development and the need for Personality Development Programme for Professionals?” Now we will start with discussing each of the seven aspects of Personality Development.

Seven Aspects of Personality Development

  1. Dress
  2. Address
  3. Good Language
  4. Punctuality
  5. Planning your work
  6. Habit to postpone the work
  7. Telephone conversation

In this article, we will discuss the first aspect of Personality Development “Dress” in detail.

Dressing | Aspect of Personality Development

We agree to the freedom of a person to wear the dress of his choice. Then at the same time, we must agree to the freedom of the onlooker to form his impression about that person. The decorum regarding the dress is changing with the generations. However, to say that the dress shall be suitable for the occasion shall be a statement acceptable to all. It would be out of place to wear beach wear in a classroom or at the marriage reception; where the formal dress would be more suitable.

So the choice of your dress for a particular occasion adds to your personality. When you go for inspection of the work on site your dress shall not be with loose cloth to get entangled with the tips of bars and nails. You shall preferably wear shoes and not chappals to protect your feet from possible injuries. You may find high heel sandals and pleat skirts are unsuitable for site inspection of the work in progress.

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