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Design of a Laundry | Important services in a Laundry

Laundry is a space where clothes are washed, cleaned, dry cleaned, ironed, packed and dispatched to the respective owners. Laundry generally requires heavy machinery. The machines require high voltage power and adequate space. In order to design a laundry, certain design considerations have to be followed in order to achieve efficient design.

Laundry Design
Laundry Design

Seven important design consideration for the design of a Laundry

Access to the site

The site where the laundry is to be designed has to be in an easily accessible area. Laundry is generally located in an area away from residential colonies. Excessive amount of heat, sewage and noise pollution is generated due to the Laundries.

Circulation in a Laundry

Laundries are preferably designed on the ground. But if the laundry is located in a hotel or a hospital, it is necessary to connect the laundry to the other parts of the building by designing vertical transportation. For example, lifts and staircases.

Horizontal circulation also has to be paid attention to. Horizontal circulation can be achieved by designing wider corridors.

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