Things to do before setting up Practice in Architecture

Ways to obtain work in Architecture | Professional Practice

In my previous article, I discussed the method of obtaining work “Through Chartered accountants and advocates“. Now we will move on with the discussion on the next method “Things to do before setting up Practice”.

Here is the list of different ways in which the work can be obtained:

  1. From Friends and relatives
  2. By your work
  3. By specialization
  4. By Luck
  5. By Winning architectural competition
  6. Through Chartered accountants and advocates
  7. Before setting up your practice
  8. Waiting period
  9. Setting up your office
  10. Telephone
  11. Computer Networking
  12. Regular attendance

Before setting up your practice | Guide to Professional Practice

I have already made a mention about increasing opportunities of jobs for a young architect in the government and other organizations. You shall make a self assessment or introspection and decide what are you cut for. If you are inclined towards the government service, better join the government service earlier. A private practice is a path full of uncertainty, rather slow and unsteady monetary progress, but gives the pleasure of creation. You shall choose this path with full devotion.

Some of you may be lucky to join a running concern and to be partner in the course of time. Your parents or close relations may have an established practice where you will be a partner in near future. Sometimes your boss may offer you associateship in his practice, if he is pleased with you. But most of you may have to make your own headway in establishing your own practice.

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