Topic Selection for Thesis Project | An approach to a Design Thesis

An approach to a Design Thesis | Thesis Guidelines

Earlier, we discussed the following:

  1. Introduction to Thesis Project
  2. How to work on a Thesis Project?

Now we shall mover on with a discussion on “Topic selection for Final Year Thesis”.

Topic Selection for a Thesis Project

  • Selecting a topic is based on many factors.
  • Your mind should be geared towards serving your own needs rather than wandering astray with some foreign ideas. To be able to provide better solutions within the existing framework. You have to be practical in your approach, then only you can strive for genuine solutions.
  • Select a topic of your choice based on some hard facts like some problems that require immediate attention.
  • Architectural fantasies can be pursued provided that your approach is right (The process of Research). It is through the thesis project that students are weaned away towards independent decision making and set up.
Divisions under which your  Thesis Project topic might fall
Divisions under which your Thesis Project topic might fall
  • Do not waste too much time in selecting a topic and do not allow any pseudo-intellectual to confuse you. A small project will enable you to get into the details while larger projects have their own limitations of time and procedure. Therefore you have to restrict the scale of your project to enable you to justify detailed design investigations. You must remain within your scale of design continuum.
  • Do not make it an Urban Design Problem. But again, it depends on the capacity of a student. If you wish to choose an Urban Design Problem, make sure you study the background of the Urban problem in detail because that would the major part of your project. It would be more like a research project than a design project. It would really be a very interesting project if you are prepared to work hard for it.
In our next article, we shall carry on with a discussion on “How to define limitations for a Thesis Project?

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