Journey from Ancient to Modern Architecture!

Architecture | Ancient and Modern World!

Architecture is a science itself. Although, it does not fall under the category of sciences, it can still be called as “Architectural Science”.

Architecture is something that cannot be learnt or memorized… You have to feel it to understand the essence of design.

Designing in a specific architectural style gives a special meaning and feel to the space/structure/place (town, city etc).

Something that is so intriguing about Architecture is the fact that the lines, shapes and forms you draw on paper are actually transformed into a live structure on the ground.

What could be more fascinating than this particular fact!

When a kid makes a craft model by following the instructions from a craft book, he feels tremendously happy about his creation.

From the above example, if we are to replace the kid with an Architect and the craft model of paper replaced with the real structure on earth; how much more amazing does that sound!

 Have a look at the video below. It covers the wide range of Ancient and Modern Architectural styles…

Also, check out the other video on Amazing Structures.


Role of Teachers in Architectural Education

The Teacher’s Role in Architectural Education

This is the most important article I have ever written. This article is not just for architecture students but also for Professors in Architecture Colleges and Universities and Architects.

The falling standards of mass education is a contagion that has engulfed Architectural Education in the state. The poor quality of work and professionalism needs no mention. Sometimes this deterioration in quality is accredited to the quality of students but I find this excuse inacceptable because, out of the many responsibilities and duties, one of the essential element in imparting Architectural education is the process of simplification. The teacher has to simplify matters enough for a common man to understand. In a profession which depends upon visual effects it becomes all the more important to simplify verbal and written matter into graphic displays easy enough for the laity.


Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright | Inspiration for students of Architecture
Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright | Inspiration for students of Architecture

Architecture is not for Architects; it is for people, and whatever the Architects may think; whatever theories they may have, it is through the senses that people appreciate and it is through the development of these senses that the Architect designs. It is through the senses we feel Architecture.

One does not satisfy ones feeling by expressing one’s own feelings. What is required of Architect is the intellectual process based upon “sympathy”. He must contrive to give people what they will enjoy, not what he would wish them to enjoy. This sympathetic approach is particularly relevant to India where the masses distinguished by their diverse cultural traditional require the Architects ti provide design solution based on indegeneity. This sympathetic habit has to be inculcated among the students by a teacher who himself/herself understands the meaning of sympathy. Students need to be reminded and constantly guided about this kind of an approach to Architecture which would serve the unique requirements of unique people.

From this view point – mass housing is like an anti-biotic for all ailments. Individuality and diversity is lost under the debris of a secular culture and Architecture. The importance of visual and audial effects upon the space must be emphasized.

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Introduction to Architecture | Era of New Architectural Styles

Introduction to Architecture | Architecture Style of the 21st Century

What is Architecture??

“Arch”- a form of construction and “tecture”- the surface of the structure.

Architecture is defined as designing the structures with respect to their interiors, exteriors and also the surroundings of the structure. It is considered as a form of art and science.

People who have the creative ability of imagination and then transforming it into concepts go for Architecture. If along with creative genius, a person is coupled with the technical aspects of construction, any kind of design made by such an Architect could be very well and easily be executed since the Architect himself would understand the technicalities involved in the execution of a specific design.

Parthenon, Athens
Parthenon, Athens

Architects give a certain feel to the space depending on what structure it is. Their understanding of architectural factors such as mass, texture, use of colours, use of appropriate materials, play of light and shadow in the interiors to create illusion etc.

Two major goals are to be accomplished in Architecture:

  • Functional aspect
  • Aesthetic aspect

That is, along with structure being functional, the structure also has to be aesthetically appealing which would make the people want to appreciate the structure.

If we study the history of Architecture, we will see that a lot of architectural styles flourished in different parts of the world and were then modified with the changing lifestyles of the people.

Some architectural styles were plan specific, some were elevation specific, some flourished because of the available materials in that particular era etc.

It is very crucial for Architecture students, Architects and all the designers to understand and feel the essence of real Architecture.

Architecture is not just designing buildings, it is an art of integrating the design of buildings with its surroundings which would include its environment and the Urban fabric.

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