Scope and Method of the Design of a Dog Powerhouse

Scope and Method of Dog Powerhouse Design

Like we discussed earlier, the design of Dog Powerhouse can be split into four parts for convenience;

  1. Introduction to the Design of Dog Powerhouse
  2. Design requirements to be incorporated in a Dog Powerhouse
  3. Scope and Method of the Design of Dog Powerhouse
  4. Guide to Designing a Dog Powerhouse

In this article, we will discuss in detail, the training methods to be adopted to train the dogs to run the Dog Powerhouse for the generation of electricity. We will also discuss the about the maintenance of the Dog Powerhouse.

Indian Pariah Dog
Indian Pariah Dog

The Pariah dog’s adaptations to training and regularized life style needs to experimented under a close watch by the care takers. The slums, most populated colonies of stray dogs have successfully adopted them and trained them to serve their needs. Thus, the results of the experiment towards civilizing the out-casted should yield positive results.

The gears enhanced the power of the training wheels and do not demand the extraordinary course of exercise from the animal. The next question is of handling of numbers. The stray dogs cannot be managed in the packs of more than 50. Hence, the need of segregation and division of small colonies (similar to the colonies in which the pariah dogs breed on streets and in residential localities).

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