Design Stages for carrying out Thesis Project

Stages of Design to be followed in Architectural Thesis Project

In our earlier Thesis articles series, we discussed the following:

  1. Introduction to Thesis Project
  2. Guidelines for the assessment of the Final Project
  3. Thesis topic selection
  4. Selection and analysis of the site

 In this article, we will discuss various stages which you have to follow while carrying out your Architectural Thesis Project.

1. Key plan (Conceptual Master plan)

Preparation of a Master plan for your project is the first and foremost stage of design. Allocation of different structures, open spaces, road network has to be carefully done when designing the masterplan. It should comply with all the rules and regulations of the area.

2. Comprehensive Layout plan

3. Discussions and Delegations to be carried out including internal faculty, visiting faculty, professional architects, urban designers etc.

4. Design of Landscape

Landscape can be divided into two parts:

  1. Hard Landscape (street furniture design such as benches, railings, lampposts etc)
  2. Soft Landscape (Plants, Shrubs and trees)

A proper and efficient design of landscape also plays an important part in the justification of your design. The selection of trees to be used for your design has to be carefully done. Emphasis on the use of trees, plants and shrubs available locally.

Placement of plants, shrubs and trees in a pattern that would suit your design and the surroundings. This would increase the aesthetic appeal of the place.

5. Streetlighting (internal and external)

6. Connectivity to the city

Justify proper connectivity of your project site to the city. It is one of the important factors to be paid attention to while selecting the site and then designing.

a. Proximity to the Airport (important in this case)

b. Proximity to the Transportation Facilities

  • i. Roadways
  • ii. MMTS
  • iii. MRTS
  • iv. Highways

Defining Limitations for a Thesis Project | Thesis Guidelines

How to define limitations for your thesis Project?

Earlier we have discussed the following:

  1. Introduction to Thesis Project
  2. Guidelines for the assessment of the Final Project
  3. Thesis topic selection

Now we shall move on with a discussion on “Defining Limitations for a Design Thesis”.

Once the topic has been selected, you have to define the extent of your work. There is a lot of information that exists regarding a particular topic and you cannot include all.

Urban Design Problem | Washington DC
Urban Design Problem | Washington DC

For example:

You chose to design a Mini-town. The project area spans upto 220 acres minimum for a project like this. So you have to be very well aware as to where you would limit the scope of the project.

In my opinion, for a Mini-town project, you would have to limit your scope upto Master planning level. Detailed concepts and Master plan would be the most important. After you are done with it and you have time left for the project deadline, you could design a few specific structures in the project that you want to give emphasis on.

Narrow down your requirements to specifics to help you define your limitations. Collect data which you really need.

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